About Air Ventilator

Due to following reason, our Product is better than others.


  • Turbo Air Ventilator is designed as per 4740 Australia-New Zealand standard,. Our product is completely designed by this standard. We have prepared the prototype model for the experimental data of wind and performance of the product. We use to check the performance data of  product at  desire stage. i.e. static pressure, exhaust capacity at  x wind speed etc.


  • We have received  ” QUALITY EXCELLENCE”  award by chamber of commerce of India  in 2011 for our product Air ventilator. That shows, our Air Ventilator is of best quality among all manufacturers in India.( Refer attached file).


  • We are not compromising on quality and performance of product by changing the material specifications (i.e. thickness, quality of material etc) to make our product cheaper. We use material of good quality as per the requirement of the standard in order to receive the optimum performance of the product manufactured.


  • Every part is inspected before and after machining and We have total 47 inspection processes, that makes our product almost flowless and lasting for more than 10 years.


  • We use 75 micron epoxy resin as powder coating, which increases life of product


  • No match, while Comparing our product performance data with other company product.


  • We have received  86% of repeat order. Which shows our customer satisfaction.


  • Due to above all reasons, all industrial giants of their sectors are our loyal customers.  E.g.  Reliance Industries Ltd., IOCL, Apollo Tyres Ltd.,Aditya Birla Group, Welspun,  SUZLON, BLUE Star,  ABB, GEB, Gallant, VEDANT, NILKAMAL, Jubilient Life science, TATA MOTORS, Garden Silk, etc.