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Air Ventilator




Chris Eco-Friendly Air Ventilator works by utilizing Wind Power induced by Centrifugal action. The Centrifugal Force caused by rotating vanes creates low pressure which draws air out through rotating body. Amount of air drawn by ventilator is continuously replaced by fresh air from outside vanes of ventilator is made of light weight material, hence slight breeze is also enough to rotate the ventilator cage.


  • Convective thermal currents.
  • Centrifugal force to exhaust.

CEAV is an innovative, conceptual and attractive energy saving product.

Already number of industries and many energy auditing companies has installed the same for reducing the energy bills. This unique product improves the working conditions of the workplace, is environmental friendly and also conserves the electric energy. The CEAV also substitutes the conventional energy in ventilation applications and replaces exhaust fans to ventilate sheds there by even earns carbon credits for the user organization.

It has no operating cost and gives excellent ventilation performance making the work areas like furnace/Oven sheds, Curing and drying areas, Casting and moulding sheds, workshops, utility sheds, DG shed, compressor houses, power house and packaging area, go-downs etc. cooler and comfortable to work in.

A very important added advantage accomplished by the fall in temperature (Which is induced by the enhanced cycles of air changes) is the improvement in the performance of the volumetric compression machines like air compressors, DG sets, Turbine which give better performance with lower intake air temperatures.

To encourage use of non conventional devices, it qualifies for accelerated depreciation 100% as per IT notification.

The CEAVs are most cost effective substitute to the electrical power and maintenance problem of the exhaust fans.

The concept is not new, World over many industries in America, Australia, Canada, Thailand and South East Asian countries are using natural wind to exhaust and ventilate the enclosed areas and industrial sheds.


Yes No
Highly Economical Electricity
Runs on wind energy Wiring
Saves Electricity Maintenance
100 % Deduction from Income Tax Noise
Save maintenance Rain water
A Direct source of vitamin “D” for workers and staff Birds and their feathers
Due to continuous air circulation Fresh and Healthy Air for all Dust
Good Health leads to Better Productivity Suffocation
Profit Enhancement (Money Saved is Money Earned) Operation cost
Loss against Electricity